Tuesday, 25 September 2012



See what I did there?? Sounding ferocious and GRRRRRR...like a tiger? lol

Okay so I've been away for a while but dont kill me...I'm back at college and have been loaded with revision and assignments..yeah kill me!

I decided to sit down today and do my nails...I do have some bad news though its on my left hand and everyone knows I'm a left hand..it only means one thing...DISASTER! My right hand is so damn shaky so I found it hard to do the stripes 'perfectly' BUT you will all excuse me :P

Firstly I sponged a gradient of four colours on my nails (WARNING: BLOODY MESSY!!)

This was a bloody nightmare to clean up and I am such an idiot for figuring out that I could've used tape AFTER I did the sponging...pure idiot...

Anyways I survived and this is the outcome...(with topcoat to blend the colours)

Much better!!

Now...the dreaded bit, you can see where I failed miserably with the tiger stripes!!

Ring finger just says it all...

Forgive the retarded flicks, I did try my best and  I don't think it helps that I had pure white tea an hour earlier!!

Hope y'all enjoyed the design as much as I enjoyed doing it!

Bye for now 



  1. These are gorgeous, stripes look great to my eyes, I wouldn't say they were a failure at all


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