Saturday, 28 December 2013

MissJenFabulous....NOT COOL!

Hey ladies,

I really don't like writing negative posts, but this is an issue that has me very appalled and angry.

I am sure many of you have heard of MissJenFabulous...I for one WAS a fan till I heard how she steals other hard working nail blogger designs and passes them off as her own....WHAT?!?

I mean okay...paint your nails however way you want and copy whoever you want and be inspired as much as you like but least credit them! It's really not a hard thing to do! 

I watched a video by Zenorah which you can watch HERE and I mean really...not cool at all.

I had to go and ask the lady myself, I was extremely polite and said nothing rude but instead asked her nicely to just credit other people! What did I get? a reply and BLOCK...she blocked me from her old is she? 10? 

I mean....I was just being she just that narcissistic, deleting bad comments and only showing the good ones to make herself seem "great"

I'm really unimpressed. Making money off other people's hard work.

Oh and...
Credit to Mark N Dani Canoles on Facebook :)
Well that's all out now, had to vent and I am not sorry.

Let me know what y'all think!

Bye for now!



  1. I've just watched Zenorah's video. We all use other manicures for inspiration but I'll always credit when I do! How rude!

  2. Did you see the Nailasaurus waterfall being done? I love how she used the line "you don't have to be creative to do this it is so easy." I noticed that at no point did she declare it as being her own nail art bit at no point did she acknowledge where she first saw this look

    1. HAHAHA yeah I saw it, totally unimpressed. Just so rude...

  3. Ok so yes sometimes you may do a nail art that you think is original and theres slightly similar things out there but if you get inspiration from another blogger or source then its polite to say. Its not okay to make out you came up with every design by yourself. As bloggers and nail artist we of course get inspirations from everywhere but we must work together not against each other :D

    1. Totally with you on this one Jade :)

  4. Thank you so much for at least taking the time to find out the truth from her - I am still astonished that she treats her own FANS this poorly! Sorry she did this to you! I am happy I posted the video & defended nail art bloggers everywhere. We all get inspiration but at the very least she should know better than to steal without credit!

    1. No problem! Thank you for your video too, really opened all our eyes :)

  5. I know this is a late comment but her latest video featured one of my designs, posted four months ago on Instagram under rebekkahjay619. Sure, I might've been a little sarcastic with my pointing it out, but her design definitely has her pegged as a narcissist in my books. "Funny how this looks just like the design i posted...four months ago..." "Funny ive never seen your account or know who you are." Huh, that's weird, considering that she's liked my pictures in the past. Whatever, I'm not about to get into a little internet war over it, but I'm pretty pissed.


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